Black Canary Coin
White paper

White paper


The Black Canary has a big goal. Our bird intends to surprise doggy tokens. The Black Canary is a decentralized project with a specific purpose.
Our bird’s goal is to help animals and the environment with its euphonious sound. The Black Canary is an entertaining project aiming to protect animals.
Our team is looking forward to the NFT market. Our users can create, purchase and auction their own NFTs.
“Fly to the moon with the Black Canary”
The Black Canary’s motto is “Let’s save ourselves”.
The strength of The Black Canary is its community and with the help of its large community it will achieve all of its goals.
The Black Canary is not a temporary project. The Black Canary is stable and it will be one of the most valuable members of the crypto market.
The Black Canary has big plans in mind. Our team is looking forward to find a place in the top 10 currencies and with the support of our community and investors, this goal will be achieved.


Family: BCC believes that the community is its family. We are strong together and we aim to make the whole world to be our family. Our telegram groups demonstrate this idea perfectly.
Transparency: The BCC team believes that there are three elements that help us grow and develop. The three elements are trust, transparency and family (community) and these are the building blocks of the BCC’s life span.
Life span: The BCC makes long-term decisions and believes that its goals cannot be achieved overnight. One of our most important goals is to have a large family that includes the whole world regardless of color, race or nationality.
Trust: Trust is the most important element in the cryptocurrency market. The BCC team announces all of the decisions to its family. The BCC team will lock its coins for a year and it will spend its sales on marketing, developing coins and owning its own blockchain.

3)The Black Canary Coin

The BSC was developed as tool to use smart contracts based on consistency with much higher speed and efficiency than competing chains. (With decentralized exchanges in Binance Smart Chain.)
The BSC became one of the most widely used blockchains for decentralized finance (DeFi) because of its fast trading and low costs.
The BSC uses a token protocol called BEP-20; with its 3 seconds block time, it is much faster than many currencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, etc.
Advantages of Binance Smart Chain: It is an independent blockchain that provides security and safety to users and developers who need a fast and operative blockchain. It is EVM compatible and supports all available Ethereum tools along with faster and cheaper transactions.
The Black Canary Coin was made on BEP-20. It is a high-speed system and it intends to increase its speed and reduce its transaction fee by making its own blockchain in the near future.


The tax rate of the BCC is 10%:
4% of each transaction goes to the holders as a reward.
4% of each transaction will burn and it will transfer to the dead wallet.
2% of each transaction is allocated to the liquidity fund.
The BCC initially burned ten percent of its coins. In addition to monthly automatic token burning, The BCC manually will burn a significant amount.

5)Road map

Phase 1 (Breaking the egg):
• Marketing pressure to spread awareness
• 5000 Telegram members
• Creating a website
• Developing the project
• The Black Canary was born.
Phase 2 (Formation):
• Controlling marketing pressure
• Listing on CoinMarketMap
• Listing on Coingecko
• 20,000 Telegram members
• 20,000 holders
Phase 3 (Spreading the wing):
• Ability to buy from the website
• Airdrop
• Great pressure on international marketing
• Top CEX
Phase 4 (Operational):
• 100k holders
• Increase marketing ability
• Redesigning website
• Wing wallet
Phase 5 (Jumping):
• 400k holders
• Launching NFT in market for holders
• Creating an environmentally friendly campaign
• 100 million dollars market cap
• 50,000 dollars charity donation
• 400 million dollars market cap and 200,000 dollars donation to a charity to build a nest for birds and other animals.
• Reaching to 1 billion dollars market cap and 600,000 dollars donation
• Help us to build more sanctuaries for birds and other animals with the 30 billion dollars market cap.
Phase 6 (Flying to the sky and reaching to the Moon):
• Help us to build sanctuaries for all the animals
• 60 billion dollars market cap
• Reaching the 100 billion dollars market cap and having our own blockchain
• After reaching the 400 billion dollars market cap, the BCC community will vote for the future events.